Frequently Asked Questions

Which version of XBMC do I need?
Visual XBMC was developed for XBMC 10 (Dharma), 11 (Eden) and 12 (Frodo).
What are the necessary settings in XBMC?
Check the settings page.
What iOS devices are supported?
You can run Visual XBMC on an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.
Visual XBMC won't connect. What's wrong?
This could have multiple causes. A few of the known ones:
  • - Visual XBMC can only connect to XBMC if you provide it a password. Make sure you've set one in XBMC and have entered it in the settings
  • - Sadly, we cannot handle passwords containing a question mark '?'
Both of these issues will be resolved in a future version.

We've received some questions from users who did get a successful connection, but saw no data in the various views. After inquiry it turned out they were using an older XBMC version. Updating to a newer version of XBMC resolved their issues. Some people had another application using the tcp-port they thought XBMC was using: be sure it's "free". Also make sure you have enabled 'Library mode' (for video & audio) in XBMC!

Please tweet or mail us if you have any further questions!

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